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Common Clothing Mistakes That Can Easily Be Avoided

We are constantly being exposed to a frenzy of hot new fashion trends and influencers. Between the runways, celebrities, and our Instagram feeds, it can be difficult to know what's currently acceptable when it comes to clothing. While certain styles are always coming in and out of popularity, knowing how to dress yourself properly will always be fashionable. From the tailor to accessorizing to patterned pieces, this list has got you covered when it comes to avoiding a fashion faux pas. So if you're looking to step up your style game, read ahead for 12 common clothing mistakes and how to correct them.
 1. Showing Too Much Skin Looking sexy doesn't have to mean showing a ton of skin. By all means, wear that crop top, but why not complement it with high-waisted pants and a blazer like Chiara Ferragni did here?
2. Transparent Tights If your outfit involves a short skirt, skip the transparent tights. Opaque tights (like these!) will not only keep your legs warmer, they'll also look more tasteful.
3. Skipping The Tailor Nothing makes me cringe more than a beautiful garment that isn't tailored properly. Especially when it comes to items like trousers and blazers, spending a little extra money on a tailor is totally worth it.
4. Too-High Heels Extremely high heels can look completely edgy and fabulous. But this is definitely not the case when you're unable to walk in them. Choose a mid-size heel instead for all of the glamour and less of the falling danger.
5. Ill-Fitting Bras It's no secret that an ill-fitting bra can ruin any good outfit. Help out your back and your girls with a bra that fits properly. The first and second photos show how your bra shouldn't look. The third photo shows what your bra fit should actually look like!
6. Wearing Too Much Jewelry I am a total jewelry lover. But I know that moderation is important when accessorizing! If you opt for a statement piece, keep the rest of your accessories minimal to let it really shine.
7. Patterns Vs. Neutrals There's absolutely nothing wrong with a good patterned, printed piece. But remember, neutrals can be worn far more often and with many different pieces, so invest in patterned pieces wisely!
8. Gold & Silver Whoever said you can't mix gold and silver jewelry was sorely mistaken. Gold and silver pieces look wonderful together, especially dainty ones! So go ahead, mix and match away!
9. Dry Clean Only Although there are certain times that the "Dry Clean Only" tags should be followed, there are many different fabrics (including cashmere!) that actually prefer to be hand-washed. Save yourself a few bucks and do your fabric research!
10. Avoiding Horizontal Stripes Avoiding horizontal stripes is another fashion "rule" I've never understood. If a garment fits you correctly, horizontal stripes will not look unflattering.
11. Shopping Same Size I know a few people who are completely attached to one and only clothing size. Don't be a slave to the number. Different stores size their clothing differently, so focus on fit and not the number on the label.

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