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12 Times Rihanna Was Our Role Model

Rihanna’s reactions to everything (Twitter and real life) have us rolling on the floor laughing on a pretty regular basis. But apart from cracking us up, she’s actually a pretty big inspiration to us all, and we should hope that all our sisters and future daughters look up to her. She’s infamously said about Taylor swift “She’s a role model. I’m completely not.” But we’d have to disagree, and here’s why.

1. She makes sex positive records and refuses to slut-shame women. She encourages you to be your best freak self, and don’t let anyone judge you for it. Music industry and Hollywood sells sex, but Rihanna takes her own twist on it with pro-kink singles and artists videos.

2. On a similar note, because she’s one of our favorite pioneers of the #freethenipple movement within Hollywood, and isn’t afraid to take it all off with the very clear look in her eyes that she’s the one in control. An NSFW babe with supreme confidence – now that’s a role model.

3. She’s repping for all the single girls out there and shows you don’t need a man to make it in Hollywood. In a red carpet interview, some poor soul asked “What are you looking for in a man now?” to which she gave the slaying response, “I’m not looking for a man. Let’s star there.”

4. In 2012, she donated 1.75 million dollars to a hospital in Barbados as a way of giving back to her community She also founded the Clara Lionel Foundation (named after her grandparents), a humanitarian foundation that helps empower impoverished communities, and offered a scholarship program that encourages youth to pursue their ambitions and success, with wins of up to 50k!

5. She also won Harvard’s Humanitarian award this year for all her impressive philanthropic work (an award given to community-minded leaders), and if that’s not an
inspiration, I don’t know what is.

6. Her style killed it and evolved so effortlessly but also made our jaw drop every time, and on that same note, she’s a boss entrepreneur who has her own clothing line, makeup line, and other impressive business ventures.

7. Her own models are Maya Angelou and Josephine Baker, which makes sense. Her idols are inspirational and revolutionary figures in the arts (the respective queens of literature and music) and she pays homage to strong black women, as much as she is one herself.

8. Because she brings her wine glass everywhere she goes, such as Prauge, Paris fashion week, a restaurant called Giorgio Baldi. In fancy events, in all seasons, there will probably be a wine glass in hand. No questions.

9. Because she promotes everyone being their bad b*tch selves and embracing their differentness, as opposed to promoting people to be one constraining image of beauty
and cliquiness that’s so prevalent in Hollywood.

10. Because even though the stereotype and hypocrisy of female celebrities smoking weed versus guys is huge in the biz, Rihanna takes none of that sass and stands up for her right for the ganja. A ton of celebutante party girls are out there taking shots and people don’t say anything, so how is this worse?

11. She casts normal humans that are also pretty awesome role models in her music videos, like body-positive beauty Sanam, a normal cool-girl on IG who Rihanna reached out to and let her know she thought she was awesome, and flew her out to be in a music video the next day. Sanam said she was “so f***ing real and down-to-earth”

12. Because she made it through a horrible relationship filled with domestic abuse that ended in that harrowing image we all remember. She picked herself up from the ashes of her and Chris Brown’s relationship and made herself the strong invincible goddess she is today.

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