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10 Easy Steps to Help With Insomnia

Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Do you wake up too early in the morning? How about waking up too often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep? Feeling tired upon waking? These are all signs of insomnia. Here are 10 easy steps to help you get a better night sleep.
Rigorous Exercise
Rigorous exercise helps exhaust your body and often time will lead to a good night sleep. You may feel some aches and pain the next morning though.
Regular Sleep Routine Put yourself into a regular sleep routine so your body gets use to it. Start getting ready for bed around 9:30pm and jump into bed at 10:00pm. This will get your body into a rhythm and before long, you will no longer be losing sleep.
Sleep Medication
If insomnia is really bad for you then you should consider consulting with your physician. Your doctor may prescribe you some sleeping med to help you.
Often time we can't sleep because we are too anxious and wound up about life. Meditation is a good way to relax your mind so you can get a good night sleep.
Breathing Exercises
Breathing exercise is another way to calm and relax your body and mind before bedtime.
Stimulus Control
12. Stimulus control helps to build an association between the bedroom and sleep by limiting the type of activities allowed in the bedroom.
Don’t Sleep In
If you have trouble sleeping at night, try not to sleep in. Get the amount you need and get up so you don't break your sleep cycle and sleep routine. You want to keep your body and mind in a rhythm.
No Napping
Napping will ruin your sleep cycle and will keep you up late at night. Not a good idea even if you are super sleepy. Stay up until your bedtime and you won't lose sleep in the future.
Reading An Uninteresting Book
Sometime your body is tired but your mind isn't. This is where a boring book helps. Don't read anything that you like or you'll be up forever. Read something like a textbook and will it knock you out in no time.
Change Your Mattress
What you sleep on matters! If you don't fell comfortable in your bed, it will make it hard to fall asleep and and stay asleep. Make sure the mattress is right for you.

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