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Top 10 Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters

Charming, charismatic and graceful are some of the words that we use to define these comic book ladies. Today we are counting down ten most attractive female characters that appeared in several comics. Some may find their favorite characters ranked below than others that’s because we are ranking them based on their overall physical appeal, not their abilities or strength. Certainly a character doesn’t really need superhuman abilities to be in this list but if they have one that would surely be appreciated. Check out these sexiest female comic book characters:

10. Harley Quinn

sexiest Female Comic Book Characters
This psychic lover of “clown prince of crime” is one of the most attractive bombshells in DC comics. There is something about her personality that is difficult to avoid. She was introduced as a psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel but later herself became a crazy person and falls in love with another mad criminal character known as Joker. In early version of character she was depicted in fully covered outfit but her clothes became more revealing in her later portrayal. She also became a kind of sex symbol in comics. While Joker may not give her a second glance but we can’t take our eyes off her.

9. Black Canary

sexiest Female Comic Book Characters
First appeared in 1947, this DC character was introduced with no superhuman abilities but she was an expert in martial arts. Black Canary is among the sexiest female comic book characters. She was portrayed in tight black and quite revealing outfit, blonde hairs and killer attitude, qualities that made this characters better than any other lady in comics of her time. She was so good that Marvel took inspiration from DC and made a character which is more familiar today named Black Widow. Although Black Canary’s live action portrayal has not been as good as Black Widow which is played by Scarlett Johansson in MCU, but she absolutely deserved to get some good live action appearance, which we are hoping she would in upcoming justice league movies.

8. Psylocke

sexiest Female Comic Book Characters
When first introduced, Psylocke was a British women named Elizabeth Braddock. She was pretty unpopular back then and comic fans didn’t take notice of her until she was redesigned and reintroduced. The redesign came about in this way – Elizabeth’s mind was taken out and placed into the body of a Japanese assassin. Elizabeth inherited a number of perks from the assassin like her good looks, her martial arts skills, her curvy body, beautiful eyes and purple hair. The best part is that she isn’t shy to show off her assets or skills, which is exactly why she’s among the sexiest female comic book characters.

7. Rogue

sexiest Female Comic Book Characters
Rouge is one the most deadly mutants in the X-Men world. Moreover, initially she faced problems trying to control her powers and ended up hurting the people she loved most. So you might wanna maintain distance from her if she existed in real life. Rouge had the power to absorb and remove memories, strength and other things from whoever she touched. Rogue is among the sexiest female comic book characters not because she wears revealing cloths. In fact she keeps herself completely covered up with a full body suit and gloves. She mainly dresses this way so that she doesn’t end up hurting people unintentionally. Over the last couple of decade, Rouge had a number of different looks and among them her 90’s look and fashionable avatar is the most endured one.

6. Mary Jane Watson

sexiest Female Comic Book Characters
You’d think that Mary Jane is a very unlikely character to feature in this list. And yet one would really wonder why, without having any particular superhuman powers, Mary is among the most revered female comic book characters. It was her exceptional beauty, her green eyes, her redhead and her passion for modeling and acting that caught the eye of fans. And not to mention her engaging romance with Spiderman, aka Peter Parker. Their story has been going on for the last two decades. So far Kristen Dust is the most memorable actor to have played the character of Mary Jane.

5. Wonder Woman

sexiest Female Comic Book Characters
Princess Diana is the warrior Prince of Amazon, she is not just among the most powerful female characters in comics but also among the sexiest female comic book characters. Her depiction as a heroine fighting for justice, love, peace and most notably gender equality has led to wonder woman being widely known as a feminist icon. Her revealing costume and incredible features has won millions of hearts, but the highlight of Wonder Woman is her confidence. A warrior princess is almost always depicted as masculine and so is Wonder Woman. That not only makes her a convincing demigod character but also helps her to kick ass of her enemies.

4. Poison Ivy

sexiest Female Comic Book Characters
Mother Nature may have never been looked this good, thanks to a dangerous toxicology experiment went wrong that turned former botanist Pamela Isley into Poison Ivy. Pamela can now literally use her beauty to kill her enemies, with the help of her mind controlling abilities. She emits pheromones to seduce both men and women rendering her incredible good looks almost unnecessary. Pamela was bombshell before transformation but after turning into Poison Ivy she has an excuse to flaunt her beauty. Following the experiment she has turned herself into a plant like creature and became immune to many toxins and viruses, sometimes it is said in comics that she breathe carbon dioxide and require sunlight to produce energy. She leaves us in real dilemma whether to appreciate her good looks or incredible powers.

3. Vampirella

sexiest Female Comic Book Characters
Vampirella is one of the most known faces in the horror comic book genre. Vampirella defeats the evil forces on earth with the help of her supernatural vampiric capabilities which includes super strength, shape shifting abilities, as well as immortality.  She even has the ability to induce sexual arousal in people, only by her presence.  Her stare and even voice is seductive to males. Vempirella usually wears a revealing red costume, which only enhances her beautiful curvy body. Vampirella ranks number third among the sexiest female comic book characters. Since the purpose of this list is to rank sexiest female characters, she absolutely deserves this spot.

2. Emma Frost

sexiest Female Comic Book Characters
Emma Frost has got telepathic abilities and can turn herself into a bullet proof diamond shield which makes her one of the most bad-ass mutant in x-men universe. She is extremely beautiful and kind of hard to ignore. She has got an incredible body which she flaunts whenever she gets the chance to which easily makes her one of the sexiest female character ever appeared in comics. The only negative side being, her charms are so killing that she was sometimes regarded as a home wrecker.

1. Catwoman

Catwoman Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters
This anti-hero began her career as a thief and enemy of Batman, but later became crime fighting super heroine and part of Batman’s family. But one thing is certain, Selina Kyle‘s can and has easily topped the list of sexiest female comic book characters. Her personality is very feminine and hard for men to handle. Selina likes to wear skintight black leather outfit that not only helps her be comfortable while fighting but makes her look dashing and hard to keep our eyes off of her. She is almost always admired by people whenever the character of Catwoman appears onscreen, but our personal favorite is in “The Dark Knight Rises” played by Oscar winning actress Anna Hathaway.

10 Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters

Emma Frost
Poison Ivy
Wonder Woman
Mary Jane Watson
Black Canary
Harley Quinn

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