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Memorable Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions You Have To See

Jennifer Garner’s rare wardrobe malfunctions make her look even more adorable. Garner accidentally revealed her Spanx while attending colleague Steve Carell at the premiere of ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.’ The 44-year-old actress relapsed while looking after her daughter Violet. Garner admits she often sees herself as a ‘walking beauty disaster.’ We can’t accept such reasoning. Jennifer being sloppy and casually flashing her undergarment is a part of keeping her fans content and begging for more. Hollywood experts agree that wardrobe malfunctions essential elements of a celeb’s lifestyle. Accidental or not, they provide the salt and pepper that makes front-page news even more delicious.
Was the malfunctions part of the plan or did it occur in full accordance with the law that states celebs are bound to have such embarrassing moments? Let’s break the facts, shall we? It would be mild to call West’s Yeezus Tour attire outlandish. The 39-year-old rapper wore a head-covering mask for most of the time spent on stage and throwing in some weird pants would not have been entirely out of place. On the other hand, the artist started his Seattle show with the trousers intact. With designer’s clothes quality lowering significantly over the last years, Maison Martin Margiela bowed its head in shame.
Having a Marilyn moment is the biggest dream of every showbiz woman. Jessica Alba walking over a subway grate in her high-waist plum-colored skirt showed once again that not learning from the mistakes of the past condemns you to repeat them. Was it all accidental or the result of a meticulously planned expose? Alba was on her way to do some shopping at Whole Foods went the air got curious about the color of her lingerie. The actress reacted with grace and managed to tame her feral dress quite quickly. Nevertheless, she was not quick enough. Seasoned photographers spotted the hazard lying on Alba’s path and had their gear in the right settings by the time disaster struck.
Jeans are weird nowadays. Even so, no one took the bait and believed Victoria Beckham’s wet stain was just her being posh. The former Spice Girl appeared intoxicated while leaving a party at 2 A.M. and needed to keep a good hold of her hubby David. We all know what people do when they drink too much. Losing control of the bladder and peeing yourself happened excessively often in the celeb world to be considered a crime. Even so, sources close to Victoria issued repeated press statements, attempting to give a whole new meaning to the apparent. According to them, the stain was the result of a spilled drink. We have to say it. The odds of putting a liquid other than pee in that part of the body are minimum.
Kelly Brook makes a living out of flaunting those generous curves. Her wardrobe malfunction is, of course, not the most embarrassing thing she ever did. Photographers spotted Kelly wearing a beautiful velvet dress at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Her glam session on the red carpet took an awkward turn once the wind made its presence felt. Put in an uncomfortable situation the buxom model had to justify her poor choice of panty color. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to say the combination is uninspired. Apparently, Brook was confident her front split dress would stay in place. The girl that once advertised Lynx body spray admits showing up at big galas is much more fun. We are on the same page with her. With so many small details that could go wrong in your outfit, all you have to do is harvest the free attention.
Bailey Noble’s loose olive blouse proved to be an uninspired pick for a windy day. The ‘True Blood’ star got more cheers than initially planned. However, fans went home a bit disappointed. Bailey made the wrong decision of wearing a bra that day. The world would have been a much better place if she didn’t. Nothing helps you climb the steps to stardom like flaunting some nudity. Other photos from the same event showed Noble spotting the ‘danger’ and getting a firm grip on that skirt. A rare double oops moment was inches away from happening.

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