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Celebrity Photos That Nearly Broke The Internet

The caption attached to this photo made every Taylor Swift fan lose its mind. The invitation to see Taylor’s pussy quickly generated seismic waves in all directions across the Internet. We were quite close to breaking it for good. Even though the photo is not revealing as it promised to be, the joy of seeing something cute replaced the disappointment. Taylor handles the small kitten with extreme care. The connection formed between the two is obvious! We warn you, Internet! Stop messing around with our feelings and give us what we all want to see.
2. A Selfie With the Entire Hollywood Taking a selfie has become a way of life even for celebs. The photo above was one of the most viral ever to be released online, and it is easy to understand why. Once it reached social media, it became the most retweeted image ever. How many celebrities can you squeeze inside one selfie? A geek would say the answer depends on the length of your selfie stick. Bradley Cooper’s arm was long enough to allow a shy and obscure Angelina Jolie to appear in the top right of the frame. As for Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen DeGeneres, they were the ones to get the maximum exposure.
Curious how the famous selfie looked from another angle? Check out Benedict Cumberbatch enjoying himself without taking part in the action.
This Instagram photo broke the Internet because it raised the bar for all the future mothers. Caught with so many things happening in her life, the woman of today should have time for everything. Multitask is the keyword here. Gisele Bündchen is not just a high-class model, but also a mother of two. Anyone in her shoes would hire an army of babysitters. However, Gisele makes it clear that taking care of a child is so easy it can fit comfortably during the makeup sessions. The photo broke the Internet mostly because a part of the audience is completely against public breastfeeding. What do you think?

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